MD Podiatrist Doesn’t Recommend Crocs for Running

Ultrarunner Jeff Garmire recently ran a 5K wearing Crocs in 19:05! However, experts don’t recommend running in Crocs or similar footwear, because they don’t offer the stability that your feet need while running. “There’s a difference between cushy and cushion,” Daniel Michaels, DPM states. “It’s a common misconception that something cushy would be good for your feet, but what most of us really need is something with more stability…. [When wearing Crocs] you’re really not getting the support or stability features that you do with a running shoe.”
When Dr. Michaels is evaluating a patient, he does some gait analysis to see if an athlete has a neutral gait, or if they pronate or supinate. He then makes a more general recommendation about the amount of stability someone needs, rather than suggesting specific brands.