MD Podiatrist Explains What to Look for in a Gym Shoe

It’s important that your gym shoes have enough structural support, in addition to absorbing shock. “For example,” says podiatrist Dan Michaels, DPM, “aerobics classes require front and back and lateral movements that are short and quick, so footwear with proper support is essential to perform these exercises. Zumba classes may involve jumping, so proper cushioning in footwear is helpful for this activity to help prevent injury.” The dynamic duo of support meets responsive cushioning helps prevent injury and promotes better athletic function.
If you plan to move around quickly-especially on slick floors or wet grounds-you’ll want a shoe that can offer you some grip (no one wants to slip mid-Zumba class). Injury prevention is top priority here, says Dr. Michaels. “Traction is necessary to prevent slippage. It is very helpful, especially for outdoor activity, when one runs or walks on uneven terrain.”