MD Podiatrist Explains Why Diabetics Should Wear White Socks

Dan Michaels, DPM, says that the color of socks diabetics choose makes a difference. In particular, he recommends wearing white socks, which can help alert them to foot problems that they may not notice due to reduced sensitivity in the feet.
“Diabetics tend to lose sensation on the bottom part of their feet, resulting in higher risk of ulcers and wounds,” Dr. Michaels explains. “If a non-diabetic were to have a pebble in their shoe, they would immediately remove it due to the discomfort. A diabetic with loss of protective sensation would not feel the pebble and continue to wear the shoe. Of course, this could result in compromise of the skin on the bottom of the foot… such as tenderness, a cut, or worse-an ulcer.” By wearing white socks, they would be more likely to notice other symptoms of a skin problem such as drainage or bleeding.