MD Podiatrist Provides Advice on Finding the Right Running or Walking Shoes

For starters, make sure the shoe fits. “A lot of people wear the wrong sized shoe,” Dan Michaels, DPM says. “We typically see people choosing shoes that are too small, and over time, that causes problems. As people age, feet can grow wider or flatter, especially into our fourth decade and beyond, says Dr. Michaels. Jamming your feet into shoes that are too small can cause issues such as hammertoes, bunions, corns, and calluses.
 To ensure you’re wearing the right size shoe, he recommends getting your feet measured every two years at a brick-and-mortar shoe store whose staff has been trained to help people pick out functional shoes for their chosen activity. He explains, “Find [a shop] that will measure your feet sitting down and then standing and will watch you walk [or run] to get a general idea of the type of foot you have.