MD Podiatrist Provides Advice on Picking the Right Summer Shoe

“Finding the right summer shoe requires getting fitted ““ make sure you know your exact shoe size,” explained Dan Michaels, DPM. “You also want to make sure the shoe is made up of a supportive material that has an arch support and nice heel counter to hold your foot in place.”
Dr. Michaels said support is key when it comes to picking the right sandal or flip-flop. You shouldn’t wear something overly cushioned, as that could cause you to easily lose your balance. You also want to avoid sandals and flip-flops that can bend and twist easily. Dr. Michaels stressed shoes like this can get caught on a raised curb or stone. “Oftentimes, we see patients trip and fall if they aren’t wearing a supportive shoe,” he said. “They can easily sprain their ankle or stub their toe, among other injuries.”