MD Podiatrist Provides Advice on Returning to Outdoor Activities

Now that spring is here, mandates are relaxing and people are eager to get their pre-pandemic bodies and hobbies back, they are hitting the pavement, said Dan Michaels, DPM. Many are exacerbating existing foot injuries or creating new ones. “People thought they could just return to where they left off or try something they hadn’t tried in a couple years,” he said, “but their feet aren’t prepared for what their bodies want to do.” 
By instituting a few simple measures, Dr. Michaels assures owners of achy feet everywhere that foot pain can be alleviated as well as prevented. Dr. Michaels said the best advice may be to start slowly. “If you’re going to start walking, do moderate pace at short distance,” he said. “If you tolerate that well, maybe go at a faster pace for longer distance.” Podiatrists also say stretching is crucial to prevent and treat unhappy feet. “A proper warm-up,” Dr. Michaels said, “I cannot emphasize this enough.”