MD Podiatrist Provides Back-to-School Shoe-Buying Tips

Dan Michaels, DPM states it is important to see your podiatrist when parents notice odd wear patterns on shoes. Dr. Michaels states this leads to important diagnoses of things such as hyperpronation, flatfeet, asymmetries, and rotational abnormalities. 
According to Dr. Michaels, “Shopping for shoes at the end of the day is really important. Especially if you are buying athletic shoes that will be worn in end of the day sports. Even kids’ feet swell and having proper fitting shoes is very important.” He recommends tying shoes well. “Shoes that are loose on the foot, especially in sports, can lead to a multitude of injuries from the foot moving all around in the shoe. This is especially true when a child wears an orthotic in their shoe – since in order for the orthotic to work, it needs to be well aligned with the foot at all times,” said Dr. Michaels.