MD Podiatrist Provides Tips on When School Shoes Need to be Replaced

The start of the new school year means one thing for parents – it’s time to consider whether or not to replace last year’s school uniform and school shoes – and it doesn’t have to be a battle between cool and practical. Dan Michaels, DPM says, “Parents can easily check shoes to make sure that they are fit for purpose. If a shoe wears prematurely, then this will indicate that the shoe isn’t beneficial for the child.”
“When placing a shoe flat on a counter, the shoe must be at 90 degrees to the supporting surface and not be tilted in either direction. If it is tilted, then that indicates that the shoe has become distorted by the child and must be replaced. Shoes that tilt excessively or too quickly usually have an internal issue with the structure. Shoes should generally wear on the outside. Inside wearing of the shoe can be a serious problem with the child’s gait and, in such instances, the parent should see a podiatrist,” says Dr. Michaels.