MD Podiatrist Provides Tips to Prevent Foot Pain When Working From Home

Foot pain is on the rise with more people working from home. One of the main reasons behind this trend is that a lot of people don’t think to wear shoes inside the house. So, what should you be wearing on your feet at home to prevent foot pain? “While working from home, a type of shoe you could wear would be an athletic shoe with an arch support and a deep heel counter, which prevents your foot from rolling to the inside when you’re walking. This support helps with what we call pronation so that your foot doesn’t fall to the inside when you walk. A slipper with arch support can also be a great option,” explained Dan Michaels, DPM.
Dr. Michaels said it’s crucial to protect your feet from hard surfaces like wood and tile. People who opt to go barefoot at home are walking directly on their bone structure with no shock absorption, which can ultimately lead to foot pain. Dr. Michaels noted you could even wear out what’s called the fat pad on the bottom of your feet over time, possibly leading to long-term pain.