MD Podiatrist Recommends Bi-annual Podiatric Foot Check-ups

When it comes to your feet, “There’s an element of “˜out of sight, out of mind’,” says Daniel Michaels, DPM. “If you don’t have any foot pain, you don’t necessarily think of your feet. It’s not until you get some nice weather and put sandals or flip-flops on, and then go: “˜Oh, what’s that?!'” For Dr. Michaels, feet can “absolutely” affect your confidence. “Personally, it makes me feel great knowing that I’ve got good looking feet,” she says.
Dr. Michaels suggests many are reluctant to visit a podiatrist, saying: “People are embarrassed by their feet, but if you had a dodgy looking tooth or your tooth was going a bit brown or yellow, you’d get yourself straight to the dentist. You wouldn’t paint your tooth and carry on ““ that’s obviously a bit of a silly example, but it’s true ““ that’s effectively what you’re doing.” He recommends annual or biannual check-ups with a podiatrist, like you do with a dentist. “I’m very much about prevention being better than a cure,” Dr. Michaels adds, emphasizing that He can spot early signs of serious medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.