MD Podiatrist Recommends Epsom Salts for Sore or Injured Feet

Daniel Michaels, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist and foot surgeon, recommends Epsom salt soaks nearly every day to his patients. “Epsom salt has been available for consumer usage for decades, and Epsom salt soaks can be very beneficial to sore, injured feet,” he says. 
“As a general rule, I recommend two tablespoons [of Epsom salt] be added to a quart of room temperature water-enough water to cover the top of the foot,” Dr. Michaels explains. “Mix the solution and soak the sore and injured foot/feet for 20 minutes.” He advises that people with arthritic feet do these soaks every six to eight hours as needed to provide relief from pain. The Epsom salt foot baths can also help reduce the pain and itching from athlete’s foot, although he says that topical antifungals are usually necessary, as well.