Melanoma of the Feet Least Often Diagnosed: MD Podiatrist

From the beach to the backyard, taking care of your feet and ankles in summer is essential. “Nothing ruins summer fun faster than a problem with your feet. However, a few smart precautions can help keep you healthy and safe,” says Dan Michaels, DPM. Don’t overlook your feet during your sun protection routine. Feet get sunburned too, and melanoma on the foot or ankle is more likely to be misdiagnosed than on any other part of the body. 
A study published in The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery reported the overall survival rate for melanoma of the foot or ankle is just 52%, in sharp contrast to the 85% survival rate for melanomas on other areas of the body. Apply sunscreen to the tops and bottoms of feet and limit sun exposure. Dr. Michaels notes, “If you spot abnormal moles or pigmented skin, including under toenails, visit a foot and ankle surgeon. Early detection and treatment could save your life.”