More Research Needed on Covid Toes: MD Podiatrist

Teenager Sofia has never tested positive for coronavirus, but since October, she has suffered from what experts describe as “Covid Toes”. The 13-year-old is barely able to walk or wear shoes due to the painful condition. “My feet swell up, I get blisters all over them, and they go from pink to purple really quickly.” “I get lumps on the bottom of them which makes it really hard to stand up for long. I can only wear flip-flops.”
Daniel Michaels, DPM has seen a handful of examples in his clinic. He said it was a “challenge” for healthcare professionals to find relevant information and that more research needs to be done. “We’re most commonly seeing this in younger patients who don’t tend to show any other signs of the virus – people who would test negative for COVID-19,” he said.