OTC Foot Peels Can Be Risky: MD Podiatrist

While you can buy foot peel masks over the counter, Daniel Michaels, DPM warns that anyone with underlying medical issues, such as diabetes or poor circulation, should consult their podiatrist or primary care practitioner before attempting any type of peel. Another reason to skip acid peels: you have foot problems like wounds or sores. “The acid can seep into those areas and not only cause pain but possible infection,” he says.

If you are prone to eczema or have sensitive skin, you might find foot peel masks too harsh for you. “The acid can be very irritating on the skin, possibly causing swelling and inflammation,” says Dr. Michaels. “When choosing the appropriate treatment for your skin type, no matter if it’s at home or a doctor’s office, it is important to research the risks and benefits thoroughly prior to committing.”