Pandemic Has Created Foot Problems: MD Podiatrist

Women who’ve given up their high heels during the pandemic probably have happier feet. But people who constantly walk around the house barefoot or in socks risk developing foot problems like heel pain and tendinitis, said Daniel Michaels, DPM. Unchecked, simple issues such as tendinitis can develop into more-severe conditions like tendinosis, which is more difficult to treat, Dr. Michaels said.
Those with diabetes have more to worry about when it comes to foot issues during the pandemic and should be checking their feet every day, Dr. Michaels said. Wearing shoes at home to cushion the feet and provide arch support can help keep your feet healthy. House shoes also protect your feet against injuries like stubbed toes. Broken toes are something that Andersen and her colleagues have started seeing as a result of people being barefoot in their homes.