Pregnant Women Require More Supportive Shoes: MD Podiatrist

Expecting a child is a beautiful experience, but it also comes with many trials. Aside from updating your closet to include maternity clothing, your current shoe collection goes on a temporary hiatus. “The further women go into their pregnancy, the need for arch support increases,” said Dan Michaels, DPM. Most women ditch high heels during the first trimester, but for those still holding on to their pumps, it is time to store them in a box. “[Women’s] increasing belly size can throw off balance, making it harder to walk in high heels,” counseled Dr. Michaels.
Dr. Michaels advised avoiding restrictive shoes such as boots to avoid unnecessary stress and pressure on the feet and legs. “Some recommended shoes that offer proper arch support for pregnant women include Oofos sandals, Cole Haan oxfords, and Allbirds,” Dr. Michaels added.