Regular Foot Exams for Diabetics Decrease Risk of Amputation: MD Podiatrist

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “In 2022, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reported that approximately 37.3 million Americans are afflicted with diabetes. Of those, nearly 38 million, approximately 15% of them will experience a diabetic foot ulcer in their respective lifetime. That is over 5 million people with high-risk diabetic foot wounds! Even more worrying, 85% of lower extremity amputations occur due to a foot ulcer.”
“I find these statistics deeply troubling. Leg amputations have detrimental effects, especially on someone’s heart. This often shortens the lifespan of the person who undergoes a leg amputation. Podiatrists have a special role in helping diabetic patients prevent foot ulcerations and amputations. Having regular evaluations with a podiatrist can greatly decrease your risk of developing a foot ulcer and if you have a foot ulcer, getting regular care will decrease your risk of amputation,” says Dr. Michaels.