Runners with High Arches Have Higher Tendency for Inversion Sprains: MD Podiatrist

If you’re a runner with high arches, then there are even odds that you’ve been running in the wrong shoes for some time now. And that’s a great way to set yourself up for injuries. When someone has a high arch, their foot tends to be more rigid in nature because of the anatomy that’s holding up their arch says Dr. Michaels, DPM.
“If you have high arches, you’ll tend to develop pain in three areas: the heel, the ball of the foot, and the outside of the ankle,” says Dr. Michaels. “It’s almost like they’re walking on a tripod and therefore they have a higher tendency to suffer from inversion sprains because their arches are so high that their ankles roll inward.” Other problems runners with high arches commonly develop are Achilles tendinitis and metatarsalgia, which is when you have pain and inflammation under the ball of the foot.