Running in Worn Sneakers Can Cause Over-use Injuries: MD Podiatrist

Sneakers weren’t meant to last forever. As they wear down, the cushioning and support they provide diminishes, which could put you at higher risk of injury when you run or walk for exercise. Daniel Michaels, DPM states that one situation in which shoes should be replaced is when the outer sole has worn through to the midsole.
“The midsole is intended to be shock absorbing and in some shoes serves to control excessive foot motion. After certain amount of repetitive load is placed on the midsole, it will compress, not rebound and absorb shock or control the foot as well as it did when new. In some cases, the midsole can deform and compress unevenly, which can create an alignment change of the foot. This can lead to over-use type injuries.” In general, though, how often you should replace your sneakers depends on how often you use them, how old they are, and what signs of wear they have, according to the AAPSM.