Stability Running Shoes Provide the Most Support: MD Podiatrist

In the market for a new pair of running sneakers? Don’t just go buy the flashiest pair you can find. For the best experience, you might need a little more support. Stability running shoes may be your best bet. But first, understanding the use of stability running shoes requires a basic lesson on foot mechanics-and specifically the term pronation, i.e., “rolling in or inward tilting of the arch when the foot contacts the ground,” says Dan Michaels, DPM.
As Dr. Michaels explains, while every foot pronates to some degree upon contact with the ground, the bony structure of a particular foot will dictate the level to which the foot rolls inward. “In the worst case scenario, a “˜flat foot’ or pes planovalgus foot may be the end result of these pronatory forces requiring even greater stability and control,” he says. Shoe choices are critical for such a foot type, along with possible custom orthotic supports to be fabricated for additional control.