Strength and Stability Exercises Can Reduce Ankle Injuries:

MD Podiatrist
According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “One of the most common of injuries in sports, if not the most common, remains injury to the ankle. That alone is good reason to pay big attention to strengthening them, but that is not the only one. Strengthening both feet and ankles can enhance speed, quickness, agility, and balance, which is so important in all sports. In all my years seeing many great athletes, I’ve never seen anyone with ‘over developed ankles'”“ it’s usually a weak link.” 
“Young athletes, their parents, and coaches need to be educated about including foot and ankle strength and stability exercises for functional strength ““ the ability that allows one to move with power and speed, change direction, or stop and start while maintaining  balance. These abilities can be trained successfully with simple, inexpensive equipment like rubber bands and elastic tubing, balance boards, mini trampolines, and pieces like the innovative Sanddune StepperTM,” says Dr. Michaels.