Stretching Beneficial To Chronic Heel Pain: MD Podiatrist

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “One of the most common chronic orthopedic conditions is pain experienced on the bottom of the heel. This may develop gradually, worsening over time, while others note the sudden development of a sharp, stabbing sensation from this area, often experienced upon weight-bearing after rest. Nearly one out of ten U.S. citizens suffer from discomfort in this area in their life, with many describing the pain as disabling at some point.
“One of the most common issues is a tight Achilles tendon, the cord attaching to the back of the heel. Stretching exercises for this structure are common but improvement is gained only through prolonged efforts. Many people fail because of an ineffective stretching routine, either because of poor technique or inconsistency. For others, it can take months to make gains. Still, a recent study revealed the benefits of a home stretching program to be equal to a physical therapy program, where the study participants went to the P.T.’s office. Stretching devices are commonly prescribed and some effective designs are available,” says Dr. Michaels.