Supportive Shoes Can Prevent Plantar Fasciitis: MD Podiatrist

It’s understandable if you want to get outside and exercise these days. Spring is in the air, but, is there a spring in your step? Yes, it is certainly a time to get out there and exercise. But if it has been a while, “I would say start walking before running; that way you can at least build up the stamina,” podiatrist Daniel Michaels, DPM said.
With Dr. Michaels, it’s all about the shoes. “You want to make sure that the shoes that you get are not too flexible,” he said. “Something that has some good support from the hind foot to the mid foot.” In Dr. Michaels office, patients can get custom made insoles to prevent common foot injury that affects two million Americans each year. “Sometimes, people wait too long until they can’t even walk at times, or they limp into my office,” he said.