That Dark Spot on Your Foot May Be Deadly: MD Podiatrist

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “If you are having pain from a new spot on the foot, don’t assume it is benign and will disappear on its own. If it is callusing, this will most likely be a progressive problem as the skin learns to make callus better over time. As with many medical conditions, lesions on the bottom of the foot get harder to treat as time passes by. Treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis, typically aided by consulting a specialist who will be acquainted with the optimal therapies.”
“Because many do not suspect a malignancy, healthcare providers included, these are diagnosed too often too late. Malignant melanoma is reliably deadly without timely identification, and these are not always darkly pigmented. Various skin cancers can occur on the feet, but who examines their feet? After all, they are hidden away, unseen inside our shoes. As per a relevant cliché, out of sight, out of mind,” says Dr. Michaels.