Use a Hair Dryer After Showering to Prevent Athlete’s Foot: MD Podiatrist

Podiatrist, Daniel Michaels, DPM, says “Using a blow-dryer is something that I came up with to combat fungus infections of the feet and nails.” Fungi grow in moist environments; take away the water, and it helps to stop growth. 
When you let your feet air-dry, it can take up to 30 minutes for the corners of your nails and the spaces between your toes to dry-these are the places where fungus often begins to grow, Dr. Michaels says. Blow-drying cuts that down to around a minute or so, which means there’s less time for fungus to grow, and therefore less chance you’ll walk out of your bathroom or the gym locker room with a budding case of athlete’s foot (Note, if you have decreased sensation to pain or temperature in your toes, from diabetic neuropathy or other causes, don’t try this at home-you could risk burning your skin.).