Walking Barefoot on Hot Surfaces Presents Burn Danger: MD Podiatrist

With another heat advisory approaching the region, Dan Michaels, DPM says a child running on hot concrete with no socks or shoes can be unsafe. When the temperature is 95 degrees or higher, the risks of burns increase; especially for children under two years old. Dr. Michaels says children under the age of two are more at risk because the skin on their feet is thinner and they lack the reflexes to remove themselves from the burning area.
“And these aren’t just first-degrees; these are second-degree burns with blistering – more pain, more swelling, so it can happen in as little as two seconds. You know, depending on how [hot] the asphalt or the concrete is,” says Dr. Michaels. He says this applies to people of all ages and people with decreased feeling in their feet.