Wear Patterns Can Predict Potential for Injury:

MD Podiatrist
“Wear patterns alert us to certain patterns of gait and tell us what position certain joints are in when you are coming into contact with the ground, as well as when you are pushing off,” explains Dan Michaels, DPM. As you walk or run, the friction and pressure between the sole of the shoe and the ground compresses and wears away some of the outsole material, shaving it down.
So the wear pattern basically tells you what areas of your shoes are sustaining the most ground reaction forces when your foot comes into contact with the ground, whether you’re running, walking, or hiking. In other words, they are almost like windows into how balanced your gait is, and can be helpful for identifying potential issues within your stride. “[You] can see whether there is any asymmetry by comparing one side to the other,” says Dr. Michaels. This could alert you to certain patterns that could eventually lead to injury.