When Working Out, Don’t Forget About Your Feet: MD Podiatrist

While you may want to tone your abs, glutes, and triceps in the new year, there’s one often-overlooked area of the body that deserves your attention too: your feet! “A lot of people hit the gym or dust off their home exercise equipment in January,” says Dan Michaels, DPM. “But without proper precautions, a new exercise routine can cause foot and ankle injuries that could sideline you just as you’re hitting your stride.”
Foot and ankle pain isn’t normal. It signals a problem that needs to be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated by a specialist who fully understands this part of the body. “When you exercise, your feet and ankles do a ton of work holding you up and absorbing the shock of each step you take,” says Dr. Michaels. “So, as you kick off your new fitness routine, don’t forget to protect them.”