How to Prepare for a Slip-Free Season of Falls Prevention

Cold weather months can be magical, but they also pose significant risks when it comes to slips and falls. With sundown coming sooner and poorer visibility, simple strolls can quickly turn into hazardous ordeals.

At Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC, we know just how crucial it is to prevent falls, and we’re always ready to share our expertise. But before we give you tips to prevent accidents from occurring, you should be aware of a few common hazards that increase your risk.

To stay free of falls and walk with confidence, be cautious when it comes to:

  • Slippery Sidewalks and Pathways

A lack of traction can be treacherous, turning routine activities into potential hazards. Fallen leaves soaked by rain are one of the easiest ways to lose your footing. For older adults and those with mobility challenges, such risks are even more pronounced.

  • Poor Visibility

Without adequate lighting, people tend to miss uneven surfaces and other obstacles.

  • Slippery Surfaces Indoors

After a rainy or snowy day, the entryway of your home or garage can become slippery. Water left behind can be difficult to spot, but it is easy to slip on.

What can you do about these problems? Simple: take some helpful advice from a podiatrist who specializes in falls prevention! With a dedicated Prevention Center and proven experience, Dr. Daniel Michaels, DPM, is well equipped to keep you surefooted and fall free.

Take a look at a few of the prevention methods we recommend below:

  • Risk Assessment

The best way to start is with careful analysis. At our Prevention Center, we have patients answer questions, walk, and get up from a seated position, which helps us analyze risk factors.

  • Moore Balance Braces

For balance concerns, we strongly recommend a product called the Moore Balance Brace. It helps with ankle weakness, instability, arthritis, and numbness. Custom made and lightweight, the MBB is easy to put on. It reduces postural sway and stimulates skin receptors that provide feedback to your brain, improving foot clearance and reducing the risk of falls by up to 60%!

  • Home Construction Specialists

Professional construction work can significantly reduce your risk of falls. At Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, we frequently send specialists to patients’ homes, where they install handles, ramps, safety bars, and custom bath enclosures as needed.

Don’t let the threat of falling keep you off your feet. At Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC, we specialize in falls prevention and pride ourselves on attending to all our patients’ needs. We are conveniently located in Hagerstown & Frederick, MD, with good coverage in the Northern Maryland Area. Please feel free to call us at 301-797-8554 or contact us to schedule an appointment online. As Dr. Michaels often says: “If it’s below the knee, think of me!”