Dermatology and Podiatry

Our Dermatology Center of Excellence focuses on skin and nail issues related to the lower extremity.  We work with Dermatologists and Oncologists for comprehensive care. It is amazing how many skin issues the foot and ankle area produce.   By focusing on this, our Institute can better serve its patients in a comprehensive way to prevent small problems from becoming large.  We don’t have to suffer from skin cancer.  Having expertise in this field offers our patients added convenience and peace of mind.

Bowen’s Disease

This patient has Bowen’s disease or Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Situ. She had a skin lesion on the back of her heel and another doctor treated it as a wart but when we did the biopsy it came back as Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Situ. We were able to successfully remove the lesion and then advance a V-Y Flap in the excised lesions skin deficit to close the wound. She was able to walk out of the operating room and is recovering. This plastic surgical procedure is just one of many local random flaps we perform to close wounds for skin deficits. The sutures will dissolve and she will make a full recovery.

Malignant Melanoma in Situ

This patient had a small black mole on the top of the foot and we biopsied it. It came back Malignant Melanoma in Situ. This is a very deadly skin cancer, and we caught it early. We excised the lesion by making a 1.5 cm hole in the top of her foot, so we advanced a V-Y flap from proximal to distal to close the wound without tension. We removed all of the cancer, and she will make a full recovery.

Dr. Michaels Says:

“We use the most natural treatments available to this which means usually an external support of some kind.   There are numerous different devices we use but the most common recommendation is to wear good shoes and custom foot orthotics.  We have all of the best devices that get people back to doing what they love in house and most are covered by your insurance plan.”